1. Thanks bro I love you

  2. It’s really work

  3. My phone is locked please help me

  4. verosiano soares says

    If you don’t know the original phone no/email id/password what to do?

  5. Sunil kumar yadav says

    My phone locked please help me fast

  6. Ferozkhan says

    I forget my mi I’d password

  7. My phone is locked please help me & my mi id is not matched

  8. forget Mi account

  9. My phone locked please help ne

  10. My phone is lock by unknown password help me

    • My mi account is locked plzz help me my mobile nember is :8714132836 call and help me my mi dives is locked

  11. My phone is lock help me plezzzzz

  12. Delete this article and do not mislead people. There are no buttons like this. Not relevant.

  13. suvransu behera says

    Mi account is lock pleasehelp 9011016862

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  15. Akshay meena says

    Mi account lock pleas help. 7375814520

  16. Taaj Sandhu says

    My phone is locked plzzzzzzz help me

  17. Dusu Tabii says

    I hv forgot my password please help

  18. Dusu Tabii says

    I hv forgot my mi account password please help

  19. रोहित says


  20. Sir I forgot mi account, password and even mail id & number. As i followed ur instructions given above i didn’t get ‘NOT WORKING’ option. Plz help me

  21. Nice post i like your every post

  22. kashisii choro says

    Please help me to unlock mi 4

  23. Mohanty naik says

    Mi account baypass kiyese karein

  24. great info. have a wonderful Blog. ?

  25. Mi acaont

  26. Shivraj vishwokarma says

    My device lock please my device unlock mi account (179****501

  27. Aditya Sharma says

    I have reset the phone, now it is asking for the MI Ac details which I forgot like password, phone number everything, how can I use my phone again ????? please help me

  28. Number bhul,gaya,hu,rest,kaiseahoga

  29. I have a mi note 4. I have downloaded miui 10 and installed it but I forgot my password. How can I active my device?

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