[100% WORKING] How to Fix Proximity Sensor Or Black Screen Issue During Call In MI4I

Hello Friends, today i am back again with a new useful article. this article only for MI4I users, In This post we talk about proximity sensor issue in MI4I Smartphone.

mobile phones use IR-based proximity sensors to detect the presence of a human ear. This sensing is done for two purposes: Reduce display power consumption by turning off the LCD backlight and to disable the touch screen to avoid inadvertent touches by the cheek.

Sometimes it happens that when we are on a call, then the screen goes dark and wishing we could not finish the call address does not end the call until the second person.

When we are in a call conversation, the phone screen does not turn off immediately and always on. we have to press the power button to get off the screen to avoid accident press during conversation. So friend, in this post i will tell you how to fix or solve these problem related with proximity sensor.

Steps for fix Proximity Sensor fault in MI4I.


  • First of all Open Setting.
  • Scroll down until you find About phone



  • Tap on About Phone.

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  • Scroll down.
  • Find Kernel version.
  • than Click consecutive 4-5 time.
Hardware Testing Window
  • Now we can see Hardware Test window.
  • Scroll Down and Click On 9.Option Proximity Sensor.
Proximity Sensor Calibration Window
  • Simply Click on Calibration Button and wait.

cover the proximity sensor (located at the top of the near the receiver) with your hand, than move your hand away.
The value should increase from 0.0 when you move your hand further away from the device. when calibrating,




  • After that click On Pass Button.
  • Now Exit and Go back to Home screen, that’s it.

If proximity Sensor calibration passed, than your sensor working normally. and you make calls without facing any problem.

And other think is that if Calibration failed than clean your proximity sensor area which is located at the top of the near the receiver with the help of cotton cloth, And make sure there’s nothing  between the sensor and your hand (e.g.  Protective screen cover or Gloves).

I hope you understand all the step without any problem and this tutorial very help for you.

If this steps doesn’t fix the problem then you may really need to go to service center. Good luck!

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